Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9 Months Old

So little man is up on his feet all the time. He is cruising along furniture. He reaches out to me and wants to walk to me and if I am close enough he will lean into me. I love playing with Little Man, as he will crawl over and jump on me. He will stop playing and come over and snuggle his head into me. It make my heart melt when he does that. We love the activity table. he is not a big fan of sitting in the jumpy thing anymore. More of a fan to use it as a jungle gym instead. He loves this ball that his aunt sent that sings the A B C's and the stacking cups. I will stack them into a tower and no matter where he is in the room he will stop what he is doing and crawl over to knock it down. Then go back to what he was doing. We also love to reach books together.

For a while he stopped being interested in food and so it was frustrating that he would not eat anything but cheerios and his bottle. This week somehow he has decided he likes to eat again. He liked the apples and broccoli and is a big fan of bananas. I can't wait to try avocado with him again.

In December we had him in 9 month PJ's with in 2 weeks he outgrew those and into 12 month. Then within the past month he is in 18 month PJ's This kid is growing like a weed and I love it.

He was over 29" in length and over 21 lbs. He is also pushing 2 more upper teeth. My little man is turning to my big boy right before my eyes.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year 4 Teeth

So little man broke his first two teeth over Thanksgiving 2011 .
Christmas 2011 he started his two front teeth.
Now it is the new year 2012, he has quite a mouth full as you can see. It is so hard to get a shot of him with all four of his teeth.

Standing Up Tall

Two weeks ago I put little man in his crib with just his diaper on while I went to go start his bath. When I came into his room I found him standing up in his crib for the first time. Well at least the first time I saw him do it on his own. I about jumped out of my skin for fear that he would fall out of the crib. Since then I have watched him tackle the task of standing on his own. He gets on his knees and then steady's himself and then next thing you know it he is on his feet.

I really wanted to get him an activity table but seeing them for full price is not exactly what I wanted to pay. I had been watching the consignment shops and craigslist for one. Then before Christmas I found the one I wanted and the price could not be beat. $5 I emailed and then heard nothing back. This week the person emailed me and asked me if I was interested. Are you kidding me? Of course so I picked it up. I was so excited i could hardly wait to get my little man playing with it. I so wished I had video taped him the first time playing. He was so much fun to watch. He laughed and smiled, and giggled and chattered the whole 40mins. Then he fell on his butt and cried because his legs were tired. The toy came at the perfect time. Here he is enjoying his toy today. I love seeing how happy he is when he plays with it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It seems right to post something today. Being that it is the first day of a new year. Bring on 2012!

What will the year bring us? What great adventures will come this year? What heart ache or sorrow will come our way? There is something special about a new year and the unknown that follows each year.

I feel peace in my heart knowing that whatever comes my way. The love I feel from our Savior Jesus Christ will guide me through it.

I am very thankful for what 2011 brought us. Our son, our joy, our miracle.

I am looking forward for what 2012 has in store for my family of "3".