Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!

I have a super husband and wanted to share how great he is. A few weeks ago I sat down with him and expressed my feelings about not working. I love not working, that is not the issue, but the first time in my married life I am not working, which means I am not bringing in any money for me to play with. Let me explain. I work, I pay bills and then I pull some money away and put it into a nest egg is what I like to call it.
Years ago my mother told me that every woman should have money set aside for an emergency a "nest egg". For who knows what life will bring. After that I decided I would have money put away and it would be there for those moments like, tires, a trip or just because I wanted a massage or my hair done. Since the move my little nest egg was exhausted for moving. I am not working so where will the money come to put back into my nest egg?
I expressed my feelings to Adam and he listened and we talked about options. Later that week he shows up one night with a dozen red roses and a card. Oh what a surprise to see him with roses. I read the card and it is very special and probably one of the best cards he has picked out. I open the card and money falls out. Yes he did hear me and there was a little money to put back into my nest egg. I had tears in my eyes as I thanked him and kissed him for listening to my feelings and understanding me. I am so glad that I married my best friend, and so thankful for his kind heart.

Tonight he surprised me with a box of See's chocolates. I was shocked, I asked him what the occasion was? He just smiled and said "I love you." I saw the store and thought of you and knew you would love these. So I just stopped and picked them up.

Thank you sweetheart!