Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Saturday

I love living near DC and being able to head downtown anytime and feel good about only staying a few hours. Now the summer is coming to a close it is time to head back to the museums. Being local the perfect time is fall, winter and early spring. The benefits of being local you can find parking right infront of the museum you want to see and get in and out in a few hours. So this was just another Saturday downtown. Across the street from we saw these birds taking a bath in a crack in the cement. Little man loved it and no matter how close we got they kept taking their bath.

 We saw some great things today. My favorite was the Nation Geographic photo contest. They were amazing. Here is little man just finished lunch and we are heading back for some more sights.

New Findings

I knew this day would come, I was just not encouraging it anytime soon. He finally realized he can climb onto the couch himself. Yes, little man has learn how to climb. He is so proud of himself. I am proud of him and it is so much fun to watch him climb on and off the couch. Just not fun to see he has learned, that with this new climbing thing, he now has the ability to get higher objects. Like picture frames, light switches, lamps, shelves. You name it we have it. So with this new phase in our lives we have once again evaluate our home and open up more room for him and put up more gates. This is our new world and in some ways I am loving it. In other ways I am terrified. My little man keeps growing and showing me what he can do.
this is the life!
It is more fun to read my books up on the couch with mommy.
I really like the soft couch and the blankets to play with.
I need to turn myself around to get off.
I slid right off the couch when I want to get down.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Living Room Fort

I had a grumpy kid on my hands a few days ago. He was grumpy from getting his shots but also because his molars are coming in. I was beside myself, and then the thought came to me.
Let's make a fort. 
 I gathered a big blanket and some chairs and voila here it is. I had to show him at first what it was and how to go in. Now we are on day 3 of the fort and I find him in there all the time. He now is bringing his toys in there with him. Every so often he invites me in with him.
Love this little man.
I am loving this fort Mommy made me.

It's like my own place that I can hide out in.

Check out the back of my head and look at all my hair.

Mom will you come in the fort with me?

Come on, let me show you how to come in.

This way mom, there is plenty of room.

Loving my new hide out.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just Another Sunday

It is just another Sunday around here. I have been meaning for a while to catch us when we are all dressed up. Here we are walking to our car, kind of in a rush to get to church on time and taking these pictures with my phone camera. Not the best. But you get to see how cute little man is in his tie and shorts.
Mom says we have to go to church, I am thinking about those curtains to attack when they are not looking.

Mommy and Little Man ready to go to Church.

Daddy and Little man in their Sunday best.

Come on Daddy, you holding me back.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Watch Him Grow

Little man is 15 months old. We have his stats. He has really grown since he turned one.
 Weight 25.8lbs 
Height 32 inches
He says a few words like
Da da
Ma ma
Bye Bye
More ( signing)
He is so much fun and I can't believe how fast he is growing. Check him out for yourself.

Little Man with his laptop

If you see I know use my kitchen as a walking toy.  I like to run it around the room.

I do take time out to relax, now that I realize how soft the pillows are.

Who me, no way!

Look it is a beautiful day, when are we heading out for adventures?

Look how tall I am.  My head is almost to the second shelf from the bottom,

We tried finger painting with pudding today.  I told mom it was better to eat then to paint with.

So she let me have a spoon and forget about trying to paint.

First Chocolate pudding, I think this stuff rocks!

Yes, lets do this again real soon!