Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beehive Summer Bash

I work with your youth in my church, we planed a fun summer party for the younger girls since the older ones were going on high adventure. Well we had our own little adventure taking a boat out to the lake, with a paddle boat and kayak in boot.
Enjoying a summer evening eating dinner on the boat, with a little water fun
The girls had a blast and so did the adults
We then moved the party inside and split into 4 groups to do a skit in a bag.
Group 1 with their song and dance
Group 2 with their song and dance
Group 3 with their song and dance.
Here we are with our song and dance.  "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
After the skits we went to the kitchen to make individual dessert pizza.  YUM!
The dessert pizza was a big hit, as a party favor I made these cookies to look like flip flops for the summer bash.  It was night full of fun.

At his best

Little Man playing

Sundays come and go around here, not often I catch him all dressed up for church.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Splash Park

The cousins loved the splash park and so we went back with little man. He had a blast with his cousins and playing with the water. The day before the cousins rode the little train around the park and so I thought I would take him a ride on it. Good thing the ride was only 5 mins, he was done after 3 minuets. It was a bumpy ride and he was not into that.
Little man with his cousins and lots of other kids. Where's little man.  oh there he is.

He was very interested in how the water was coming up out of the ground.
Again, he didn't mind the shock of water in his face when they started up.
chilling on the train

4th of July

We had a really fun 4th of July this year. It was a fun fill packed day. We started it off with our tradition to go to our church for a flag ceremony and pancake breakfast. The local fireman are invited and they bring their trucks. Little man was in heaven, because he saw fire trucks all day long. After the fun breakfast with friends we met up with some family and went to the local parade. It was a great parade from what we saw. More fire trucks, cool low rider cars, horses, race cars, marching bands. It was one of the best parades I have seen. Next we went home and had lunch. Nap time is essentail at my house for little man. While Adam and Little man took a nap, I took the cousins to the splash park where they thought it was stupid when they saw it. In the end, they let me know it was not as stupid as they thought and begged to go back again. Next it was time to go help our good friend move. So the boy headed out for a few hours to pack and move our good friends. While they were gone we got dinner ready. Little man headed to bed before the fireworks, the rest went to see them and lite some of their own off as well. It turned out to be midnight before everyone was home and in bed. It was a great 4th of July. Celebrating out Country and Freedom. God bless America!
They had cool race cars, little man loved it

all sorts of fire trucks

More fire trucks

Adam, little man in the stroller and his cousin Jeffrey watching the parade.

That was a funny clown.  Little man now pulled the shade over him.

Have you seen enough fire trucks, little man could not see enough and as each truck went by he told us the sound they make.

Daddy and Son Haircut

Haircuts, that have been few for our little man. His first cut the lady buzzed him before I could say anything. I was not happy. I walked away sad with bits of his hair. His next one my sister did and she did a great job cleaning him up. We tried to bring him in a few months ago and he would not sit still, the woman told me she would have to buzz him. NO WAY, and we walked out. This time we thought we would try again. Daddy got a hair cut and little man got a hair cut. I had a proud mommy moment watching my little man siting in his chair not moving a inch, letting the stylist cut his hair. Then he sat and watch his daddy get one.


We all love this little bike. I wanted to get little man a riding toy for his birthday. But where we live we don't have allot of space to store it. Our HOA doesn't allow it to sit outside of the home so I needed something that could sit in our entry way or the back of my car. I found this little gem. It is called a Y Bike. It is a balancing bike for kids. There are no peddles. He learns the basic of riding a bike by balancing and then steering. When he is old enough for the pedals he should be a natural. It did not take him long to get the hang of it. Now he will spend hours riding it up and down the sidewalks.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lunch at Costco

We make many trips to Costco, little man usually enjoys all the free samples when we go. For some reason there were no samples. I felt a little ripped off. When Little Man saw the hotdog sign he asked for one. I thought sure, he has not had one from here before. Let's do lunch. For a $1.50 Little Man and I got lunch. Now that is a deal. A hotdog and drink. I had the drink and half of his dog, well what was left. He enjoyed it and now when we go he asks for a hotdog. What have I done? I guess it will be our thing. Costco lunch.

Spring Time

These are random shots that I have taken of little man this past Spring.
Little Man at the park sitting inside the tube

Daddy introduced Little Man to a milkshake.  He loved it, who doesn't right?

We could not pry his little hands from the cup.

Trips to Ikea require a ice cream cone at the end of the visit.  Here is little man enjoying his frozen yogurt.

Doesn't Little Man look like he has a goatee?


Here is little man taking advantage of the fun that rain brings. If his feet would stop growing I would buy him some rain boots.