Friday, October 4, 2013

A New Play Place

Don't you love Groupon? Well I do. I really like finding coupons online that give great deals to places. This is one that I found on Certifikid. It was a five pass to Kid Junction for only $25.00. I think it is a pretty good deal. Little Man had a really good time. We spent about 2 hours and he played the whole time. The best part for me was that he came home and took a long nap. TWO WHOLE HOURS, yes that is a long time for my little man who is a power napper. So thumbs up for Kid Junction and we still have four more times to go on our pass.
This Grocery shopping area was a huge hit, I think he spent the most time in here and came back and played before we left.

I was very impressed that he knows all his fruits and vegetables.  he was able to grab what I would ask him to get.  

He thought the phone and cash register was a blast.

The phone at the front desk would ring really loud, little man really thought it was ringing and would pick it up and talk.

He is almost ready to learn about money.  He really enjoyed buying his grocery's.

They are brilliant to shrink wrap these boxes.  Little Man went right for the Lucky Charms.  He would eat that all day everyday if he was allowed.

After showing him once how to scan his food, he was all over it.

That's my boy going right for the sugar cereal.

Getting ready for check out.

Now this place was very cool.  it was a Pizzeria all set up.  

Little Man went right for the stove and began cooking us a lunch.

First he made Pizza.

Then the front desk phone rang again and he thought it was this phone.  it was so cute.

Next he made me the special sandwich.  All my favorites, cheese, tomatoe and lettuce.

This was a really cute place to play in.  They had bar stools right up to the counter that I was able to sit at and watch him play.

Little Man is kind of a charmer, before I knew it.  A worker gave me a handful of tokens for him to ride the rides they had.  This is not the first time he has gotten free stuff when we are out.  

It took him a while before he decided he wanted to ride this one.  But after he did, he took a second ride on it.

No that is a happy Boy!

This was his first ride on a electric toy ever.  At first he was freaked out and said he was all done.  I made him stay and then he decided it was not so bad.  This ended up being his favorite ride and he rode it 3 times.

After riding it a few times he decided Barney was a pal to ride with and that Barney is just plain loud and not to be scared.