Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost Time

I am just dying inside to let the cat out of the bag. It is almost time for the big reveal. We have two major events going on in our life right now and it is pretty good stuff. I can't wait for the big reveal. I am thinking that I will be announcing at least one of them in the next week. But until then, I just wanted to plant a seed of excitement out there.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What looking at old pictures can do......

Where does the time go?

I sat at my computer looking through old files and found these darling pictures of our Lizzy girl. Lizzy turned eight this year. She has been such a treasure in our lives. You see Adam and I had just gone through are first try with fertility treatments at the time we brought Lizzy into our lives. We were living in a condo in the south part of Denver at the time. We were both very disappointed that the treatments had not worked and it was time to give my body a rest. I told Adam that I had love in my heart to give and that I needed something that I could love. So we talked about bringing a pet into our lives. We decided we would need to to a small pet as we were in a condo and not much room. So we decided on a breed that we thought would fit into our life. We did all the research thinking this would be the breed for us. When it came time to look for a puppy there were none to be found.

Then the day we walked into the kennels we saw her. Lizzy, she was with her brothers and they were jumping and had so much energy. But Lizzy was in the corner alone and when we looked at her. She leaned on her back and put her paws over her nose and gave us that look. "Love Me" At that moment our hearts melted and we were in love with Lizzy. A Chihuahua, we had no idea how to care for a Chihuahua. She was the size of my palm when we brought her home at 8 weeks old. Lizzy has filed that void in our lives because of her love.

A year later we decided Lizzy needed a sister. Since we were not able to give her one we were once again on the hunt for a sister for Lizzy. I went back to the Kennel we had found Lizzy and there was Roxie. She was a little bit bigger and was not as shy. You could tell she was a little stubborn. I was not sure and I called Adam and he encouraged me to get her. I just was not too sure if Roxie would work out. What I learned from Roxie is that all she needed was to be LOVED. It didn't take too long, but after time Roxie changed into the sweetest little sister you could imagine. She would just needed a little extra love and understanding.

Lizzy and Roxie are the best of friend, sisters and they each have their own personalities yet are very distinctive in who they are. They look alike and we get asked all the time if they are sister's Even though they are not from the same mother we say "Yes they are" Because over time that is what they have become to each other.

We like to refer to them as "the girls" these two little girls just don't know they are dogs. They have become a part of our family. They have filled a void in my heart. They have allowed me to give the love I was missing.

So it is fun to go through old photo's and remember: Why we are, Where we are and How we got there.

The desire to be parents is still there. We have learned so much over the years from our girls. Our family is still hoping that one day we will be able to grow, since we still have Love in our Hearts to give.This was our last family photo taken with the girls back in 2008. I think we are due for an update, what do you think?