Friday, September 20, 2013

Daddy Time

Little Man having some Daddy time, with puppet and a favorite toy.

One our road trip we stopped at a park for a little break.  Much needed for everyone.

Little Man loves his puppets.  

More park time.  Burning off some energy.

Keeping Little Man Busy

Always looking for some kind of a activity to keep Little Man busy.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  Take some play dough and put spaghetti noodles in it and let your little one put Cheerios on the noodles.   He was very interested in the task and it kept him busy for about 20 mins.  Which is huge for us.

Look at the face, he is very determined to get all the Cheerios on the noodle.

Apple Picking Farm

We took Little Man to go pick apples a few weeks ago.  He loved it/

His first time picking a apple from a tree.  He giggles after he pulled off the first one, then he went for more.  He used two hands to hold the apple and then pull it off the tree.  We picked a few more then we expected.  Didn't know he would be such a natural at picking apples.

Having some fun running around.

There was a huge pile of Hay for the kids to run and jump in.  Little Man let go of his texture issue to have some fun in the hay.

Perfect way to start the Fall, picking apples at the Farm.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last of Summer 2013

We had a really good summer for 2013, not saying last summer was not fun, but being that Little Man is now 2. It has turned into a super fun summer with all the things we could go do together as a family and just one on one with him. He loved the beach this year which was a change from last year. He thinks the splash parks are pretty cool and not afraid of them anymore. He likes to go to the park and play, and is up for any kind of adventures with his friends. He is able to talk and communicate his thoughts and feelings which amazes me everyday. The sentences he puts together and the words he uses are impressive to me. I love this Little Man and can't seem to get enough of his cuteness. What a treasure he is to our family. I am looking forward to what next summer will bring with a 3 year old. But for now enjoy the last shots I found of our Summer of 2013.
Smash Burger a family favorite place to eat. Little man loves the rosemary olive oil fries with his cheese sandwich.

This time we found out he is a big fan of the sweet potato fries.  He would not let me eat them.

Another day at the park.  Little Man dressed himself today.

Little man working the climbing wall.

Little Man loves his Papa and will wear his Papa shirt even in the heat of the summer.

Loving his time at the park.

He always takes a break for a sip

Just love this Little Man, he cracks me up.

Playing with his friends.  If you notice he really likes the girls.

Little man really likes the Splash parks.

Plays hard in the heat, stops to take a break for a moment.

Little Man was unsure of the slide at the water park, but after doing it a few times he was a natural.

He went down the slide about 60 times in a hour.  He had to touch the star fish on the side of the slide each time he walked by.

Helping take out the trash at his friends house.  He is such a big helper.  Now let's see if he has a smile on his face at 16 when he takes out the trash.

Friends Birthday Party.  Little Man loves books and picked out a few for his friend.  He also learned to sing Happy Birthday.

We had a great time with our friends at the water park, then ate pizza and cupcakes to celebrate out little friends birthday.  What a perfect summer day and a way to end the summer of 2013.