Monday, June 21, 2010

Kent Island

Adam and I decided that we wanted to take a day trip and find a sandy beach and eat crabs. So with a little research on the internet at midnight the night before we planned our day. We got in the car and drove about 1.5 hours away where we found this charming little place in Maryland called Kent Island. We stopped at this great little crab shack and ate crab. With a full belly we went around out back and found a few hammocks and took a nap in the hot sun with a nice cool breeze blowing on us. What a nice day to find this little gem of a place. Here are some pictures from a little adventure. I have truly fallen in love with the East Coast and all this it offers us.

As we drove to the crab shack we saw a landing strip that was right behind these houses. Then we noticed that each house had their own plane and they housed them in their garages. I think we just found a perfect place for Adam to be able to live. He can house his plane right on the property. This will be a thought for a future home on the island.

It was a perfect Summer day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flowers Always Makes Me Smile

I have just discovered a new favorite flower. Peony! Last week I saw these at Safeway for $3.99, they were still in the bulb stage with no blooms. Not sure what they would do so I took a chance and bought the bouquet. This week to my surprised they opened up. Look how beautiful they are. The fragrant is fabulous! Flowers are one of those things no matter what they are they make me smile when I see them. I have decided this is an item that has made my list to plant in our next house.

Kitchen Towels

Here is another quick project that I did this week. With some of my leftover fabric I decided it was enough to fancy up some kitchen towels. A fast and easy way to brighten my kitchen up immediately. I have some IKEA white pot holders I think will be my next project. I like to find hand towels in the clearance section then purchase whatever colors I can, next find material to match. These are some cheaply Walmart kitchen microfiber towels that come in a two pack. But look how much cuter they look with a little face-lift.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Favorite Memories of 2010 Trip to Germany

It has only taken me 5 months to post this trip, but you would not believe how many pictures I took on this trip. I cut down to the bare minimum of this trip. My Iphone was even more pictures on it. It was an amazing experience to go and spend the time with my sister and her cute family. My four nephews were a blast to be with. It was cold, it was dark some days and the sun came out only for moments, but with it being one of the worst winters in 20 years it was still worth making the trip. I am so glad I went and so thankful for the time.

Water tower of Mannheim -is water tower, the town's landmark, is completed in 1889.

I just plain love these decorations people had outside and had to take pictures so I could make similar ones this Christmas.

I was able to spend some time with a mission companion who was living in Heidelberg.

Holocaust Memorial -it's a see-through cube with the names of Jewish citizens of Mannheim in the 1930s.

I love a good farmers market and of course we went all the time. This one was in downtown Mannheim.

This is the Witches prison. Still standing in between the houses.

I just fell in love with this yellow house and it's doorway.

The Cathedrals have the most amazing stain glass windows.

We were able to go to France and do some shopping, I love the pastry shops and I picked up some french pottery as well.

T is loving his homework.
Don't you just love the Disco Lion. He is awesome.

So Chris and I were able to take a half day just the two of us and we went to the Bath house in Baden Baden. What an experience it will be a memory that I would only do with Chris.

It was a wonderful trip 7 weeks in Germany with my family. Thank you Adam for the opportunity. Thank you American Airlines for the miles.