Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday's New Tradition

We used to love getting up on Saturday mornings and go out to breakfast before little man arrived. It was sort of our tradition or our thing to do. Now it seems our thing on Saturdays is to go to lunch, and run and get formula. Now that little man is getting older he is really eying my food. So to keep him happy I gave him my baguette to munch on while I ate my soup. He loved it.


Friday, February 24, 2012

First Plane Ride

I was so nervous about flying alone with Little Man. I worry about the unknown lately. I asked for advice and read online how to travel with a little one. In the end it was a great trip. Little man did just fine. The security people just loved him and would stop us so they could take a look at him and try to get him to smile.

I wasn't so worried about getting through security it was mostly about the flights. The first plane was packed. Every seat was full and it was a small plane with only 2 seats on each side. We had an aisle seat and the man sitting next to us at the window was very kind. The man on the other side was really grumpy. Little man fussed here and there but did great for his first flight. I realized that I gave him the bottle a bit too early as we were taxing on the runway for quite a while. I realized that little man had almost sucked up his bottle and I had to water his bottle down quickly just before we gained speed to leave the runway. Once in the air he relaxed and ate treats. He was more interested in playing with the tray table. The flight was only a hour and half and the last 20 mins of flight little man fell asleep. The place had to circle for a while which made us a late arrival.

We were suppose to have a 40 mins connection. I literally had 10 mins to get to my next gate. We had to wait for the stroller and then make a run for the next gate. We made it just in time. We had another small plane to get on. We made it to the gate and headed outside to drop off the stroller and climbed the stairs to board the plane. We were the last to get on the plane. It was a full plane once again. As I am walking down the aisle I can feel the people starring at me. I see those who avoid eye contact, those who have frowns. those you know they are think, crap a kid on the plan. We walk to the very last row on the plane and find that there is 2 open seats.

Oh it was the best plane ride ever. Little man ate his mum mum and drank his bottle, he had room to look out the window and play with the arm rest. It was only a 40 min flight and the flight crew just loved him.
When we got to baggage claim all those people who avoided eye contact and had frowns on their faces, came up to little man and told him how cute he was and how they didn't even know there was a baby on the plane.
We waited and waited for our bag, and it never came. Later that afternoon they delivered my one bag to me. It was a tight connection, we were lucky to make it. Apparently the bag was not.

So our adventures begins.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Fun

I can't seem to take enough pictures. It is fun to take the time to get a few shots as a family and with our little man.

Here he is with Daddy.

Here he is with Mommy.

Here we are as a family.


Little man has been making some real funny faces lately. I caught a few of them and put them all together. He has a fun personality that is evolving everyday.


Baby in Bow Tie

I really enjoy dressing little man up for church on Sunday. I realized last week that his dress shirts are all way too small. I went shopping with a friend this week and scored 2 dress shirts for little man. They are kind of too big, but he will only grow into them. They will be fitting him like a glove soon. Can you believe he is wearing size 18-24month in this shirt? His pants are 12 month.Since I found him new shirts I was thinking it was time to make him a bow tie. I have been searching the internet on making a bow tie. I have found a few to try. But the problem is I don't have a sewing machine anymore. So I have been holding off until my B-day when I requested for a sewing machine this year to replace the one that broke last year. The reason I am mentioning this is because yesterday I found a bow tie that you do not need a sewing machine for. I made this bow tie from an old ugly tie for my man and then hand stitch it for my little man. Check out this awesome tutorial for making your own man or little man a tie.
It is from "Make it and Love it"


So here are some shots of my little man showing off his new shirt and bow tie.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Swing Ride

I guess I always imagine me as a soccer mom, taking my kids to the park and playing with them outside. I never thought my first experience would be like this. It has been a cold winter and not much sun.

On the days I want to get out for our walks it seems to be the worst days ever. With the rain or wind. We have had a few great days but those days seem to take us else where and not to the park. The other day it was a pretty good day and we were out walking. I had walked by this park several times and never thought to look at it for my little man. Well the other day the park looked as though it was calling out to me. Even though it was located in a bunch of trees and you had to walk down a steep hill that had no path other then other people tromping down on it. It was a bit muddy and wet and a little slick to walk down the hill, but some one had put down hay to keep you from sliding. Anyway I reached the bottom with my trusty jogging stroller that drives through anything and found a single swing bucket swing.
It was cold and little man was telling me he was done with our walk. Little did he know that we were still a mile from home. I pulled him out of the stroller and sat him in the swing. He put a big smile on his face he looked at me and was like, "what is this you have put me in? I am up in the air and moving" He loved it. It lasted about 5 minuets and then he tells me he is done and let's get home. So I put him back in the stroller and I make a sprint for the house.
As the sun is going down and it is only getting colder outside. So our first park/swing experience was a good one just not a long one. I can't wait for a spring/summer day where I can take little man to the park and let him experience the wonders of a park from his view point.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Like father like son?

So, what do you think? Does Palmer look a it like his Dad at this age?



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Food Pouch

So I mentioned that little man is just not interested in anything that is put on a spoon and the only thing he will pick up to eat is Cheerios. Why does this surprise me. Little man has wanted his food to drip down his throat since he was born.

It reminds me of the Simpsons episode when Homer is put on a feeding tube, then he becomes so lazy that he only eats with the feeding tube, then he has a wheel chair, but then decide it is too much work to push and gets and electric one, then decides that is too much work to push the buttons.

Ok, so little man is not this bad, but I really want him to eat more than Cheerios and a bottle. He was doing so well. There is baby food now that are put in squeezable pouches. They were on sale and so I decided to try some. I found that my little man likes to hold the thing and suck the food out. He will eat the whole container and loves everything I am feeding him with it right now.

So now I am trying to think how can I feed this kid with out buying the squeezable pouch? I need to get creative and feed him with a cookie press or a cake decorating tip in a bag? Seriously, I hope this phase will pass before he is one. I am still trying the spoon thing at every feeding and he takes a bit or two and then is done. But he never turns down the pouch.

New Fedding tools

So little man has not been interested in eating with a spoon. He is still freaking out about touching his food. I think he is OCD from me. We are working on that. I found this contraption that my cousin suggested to me way before little man was born. I picked it up over the Christmas season but just pulled it out yesterday morning for little man to use.

It is made by Munchkin and called the fresh food feeder.I handed it to him and he held it looking at me like what am I suppose to do with this?
He swung it around and then I showed him how if he puts it in his mouth the cold will help his teething and in the process he can get some food in his belly.
Little man completely enjoyed himself with this new little gadget. He ate it all up and and laughed and made slurping noises.It was so fun to watch him I decided to take a video of him so Daddy would not miss out on all the fun.

I love the contraptions they come up with nowadays. I can't wait to see what I can put in it tomorrow for him.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Taking after his Dad

So I wondered if our little man will be like more like me or like his dad? We have the mac mini set up to the TV and he has always been interested in the mouse, and keyboard. We have always been careful to keep it out of his reach. Well look what we found this morning.

Here is little man who pulled the keyboard off the couch and sat him self down and was typing away like his parents. He loves to grab the mouse and I swear he looks at the tv and watches the screen go up and down.