Wednesday, December 28, 2011

8 Months Old

Little man is 8 months old. I captured him moving around this morning in is full glory. He is still arming crawling around, but every so often he gets up on his knees and try's to crawl. He is getting stronger and stronger everyday. He is such a joy!


Merry Christmas!
The pictures say it all. The magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child.

With all the fun the dinner was burned. Not true, Troy smoked a turkey and roast for our Christmas Day dinner. It was awesome!

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful week which lead us up to Christmas Eve. A few days before Christmas Eve we packed up the car and headed south 9 hours to my sister's family to spend the holiday. The drive was great, our little man did just fine. He is such a good traveler even on a long haul trip like this one.

Once we arrived we got settled in for a long winter's nap. Nope not quite, it was more like we settled in and ate and played for days on end. Lots of cooking and keeping up with my sister's 4 boys belly's. Little Oli kept saying. "Can I have a cookie?" it didn't matter what time of day it was. And the answer is always yes when you see those big bright eyes looking up at you. A few trips to the grocery store was always eventful picking up last minuet items.

Christmas eve was so much fun. Of course a few of us needed out naps during the day so we could keep up with all the excitement. About 4pm the party started. Plates of food was brought out to the table. Cookies, and relish tray with appetizers. It was quite the spread. The kids played games and the little man tried to keep up with everyone.
Here is Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
That evening we all ran around the house grabbing what we could find to dress up for the nativity.

Here we all are as a family. I love that Troy is the angel. But he was the one taking the picture,

Oli was the Christmas spider.

After we opened the traditional one present on Christmas eve which ends up being the jamies. Here are a few of us in our Christmas PJ's.

vA tradition on my brother in law family is eating ruebens on Christmas eve. We love it and have started it as well. YUM!

We had to skype our family around the world. We were lucky to talk with Gran and Pappa in China and our family in Colorado. We tried others but they were not online.

Once the kids where all nestled in their beds we had a visit from Santa. He carefully placed the presents around the tree and filled the stockings with care.

I love how the kids spell their mom's name.

Monday, December 19, 2011

First Santa Visit

Where does the month go. I didn't realize it was a week before Christmas and my little man had not met the big man yet, you know who I am talking about. That's right, Santa Clause. I could not wait for him to meet Santa and see how he would react. We got to the Magical Snow Palace and found out that we would need to wait about an hour and half to see the big man in red. We thought about it and decided that we would do it. So we waited, and waited. We took pictures while standing in line. We chatted to the other parents and kids waiting along with us. The time was not so bad. Our little man did a great job waiting.
Then it was our turn, but just before we got to see the man himself, we got to go inside the snow globe and had snow coming down on us. We saw the video's of animals that live in the arctic.
Then it was our little mans turn. I walked up to Santa and put him on his knee. He cuddled right up to Santa and just stared at him. He smiled and giggled and could not turn away from him. It was hard to get a picture as he just wanted to look at Santa. I think even though he can't speak he felt the magic of Santa.

Merry Christmas!