Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Day of Spring!

I can't believe spring has sprung! Today is the first day of spring. I don't know how I can go about life and not notice the first buds on the trees. I saw a whole row of trees today with white blossoms. I love this time of year, my tulips are sprouting, my strawberry patch is green and my lilacs have buds that are ready to form. The grass which is yellow will eventually turn the dark green. We had our first treatment on the lawn this week, which tells me it is time to get out and pull the dead to help the new growth have a better chance. I want to hit the nursery and get some flowers for my pots on the front porch. I know, I know, it is too early just yet. But the planting bug has hit.

It has been a crazy month. I have leaned to make my own yogurt, so cool and very healthy. I will post my process later with pictures. I have got the bug in me this week to spring clean. I have taken on the task of cleaning carpets. Each night when I got home from work I took on a room. I still have some more to do, but had to take a break for a few nights. It was nice to sit on the couch and cuddle up with my honey and "the girls" to watch a movie.

Life is good and I am excited for the green to come back and for the roses that I will plant for my first ever rose garden.


Cam & Chelle Birch said...

Girl! You made YOGURT?!! WOW!!! Bowing down over here!! Why haven't we seen each other for a minute? Miss you!

Kevin and Kristy said...

I know what you mean by wanting to start planting flowers. I'm getting that bug too. I love that it's starting to warm up. Thanks for your last message on the cheeses. I will have to try Sunflower market and find out what the butter cheese is!