Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trip to Germany

Better late then never. It took awhile as there was a problem downloading all my pictures from my fantastic trip to Mannheim, Germany. I flew out on December 30, 2009 and was planed to return six weeks later but luck had it that my trip was extended due to a storm that hit the east coast and so my trip was for seven weeks. Lucky for me I was able to use miles that we had on American Airlines to make the trip.

I arrivedin Frankfurt, Germany where I found my sister in her mini van outside of baggage claim waiting for me. There inside the mini van I was able to meet my nephew Oliver for the first time. He looked at me with his big blue eyes not too sure if I was OK or not? He looked at his brother Foster and then at his Mommy wondering why they were so happy to see me and who I was. Soon after when Oli was feed with chicken nuggets his heart melted and he became my buddy from then on. I found the way to Oli's heart is through his stomach. He has the true "Palmer" in him.
So our adventures begins. Being able to be with my sister and her family was a wonderful experience. I had not seen them in almost two years. It was a treat to be able to go visit them in Germany and live with them while being a local and a tourist. After a few days of jet lag I was finally able to get out and feel human again. Our first adventure was with my nephew Talbert and his school class. Chris and I went with the class to go see an exhibit of Alexander the Great at a museum in Mannheim. It was a fanstactic exhibit.
This is a picture of the kids in our group. After the museum we went to a all you can eat Chinese restaurant. Which was a great idea with all these kids. They had some of the best gelato that I have ever eaten here. We almost didn't see it. But the kids made sure we found it.

My sister and I, we are so happy to be together.

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