Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apples and Pumpkins

Love living where you can go pick fresh apples at the orchards and while you are there stop at the pumpkin patch. This is our second year and figure this will become a new family tradition. We got a great variety of apples which I have made applesauce and canned already.
Yes I am becoming very domesticated and loving it.
Let's go pick a pumpkin.

This cart is cool, but really hard to stand up while mommy pulls me up the hill.

I like this one.

The vines are really cool all around us.

Daddy let me go, I have pumpkins to check out.

Here is the other one I like, can we get it?

Yes this one,!

I will make sure the pumpkins don't roll around.  Just keep driving.

We need to get one of these carts for home.

See you again next year at the pumpkin patch.

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