Saturday, November 10, 2012

With Gran and Papa

How lucky for us to be able to leave DC before the Sandy hit. We had a stop over in Denver on our way to Utah. What a beautiful day. You would never had know they had snow only 2 days before our arrival.  Little Man followed Papa around all day.  He had so much fun working/playing in the leaves.
Hey Papa, you missed a leaf.
There you go, you are getting them.

Gran, Little Man and Papa
My favorite picture of Little Man with Papa
Make sure Woof is in the tree as well.

Oh look at all these leaves.

Check me out Mom, I am climbing a tree with Papa.

Little Man was right there helping Papa with the leaves.
Break Time!

Check me and Woof out in this big pile of leaves.
I think Woof is having a great time with me.
Ok get me out of here.
Thanks Papa for pulling me out.
I am standing now, I just need to get my legs going.
Phew, break time is over, lets get back to work.

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