Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beehive Summer Bash

I work with your youth in my church, we planed a fun summer party for the younger girls since the older ones were going on high adventure. Well we had our own little adventure taking a boat out to the lake, with a paddle boat and kayak in boot.
Enjoying a summer evening eating dinner on the boat, with a little water fun
The girls had a blast and so did the adults
We then moved the party inside and split into 4 groups to do a skit in a bag.
Group 1 with their song and dance
Group 2 with their song and dance
Group 3 with their song and dance.
Here we are with our song and dance.  "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
After the skits we went to the kitchen to make individual dessert pizza.  YUM!
The dessert pizza was a big hit, as a party favor I made these cookies to look like flip flops for the summer bash.  It was night full of fun.

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