Friday, April 17, 2009

Just updated my iPhone app (ver. 1.01)

Well, I just figured out how to go through the iPhone update process. I added some new features to my iPhone app and submitted it for an update. I guess they (Apple app. store folks) have to "re-approve" it. Although I hear it can only take 4-5 days (if they don't find any glaring holes or copyright violations, etc.).

I have in mind lots of cool new features that I want to add. I figure I'll add them in bit by bit as I get time.

I just added in some more cameras for all those ski resort bound folks traveling west on i-70. You can now see traffic all the way from eastern Denver to the Utah-Colorado border on i-70 with my latest update to the app.

Next up: add actual ski resort cameras (i.e. see what the snow looks like at the resort before you leave). Neat idea eh?

p.s. we are getting LOTS of rain here today. Could turn to snow tomorrow, we'll see...

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