Friday, April 17, 2009

Learning about Colorado Blue Spruce trees

Well, last night I finally decided to abandon the idea of having any sort of "native" (indigineous) trees to our yard. This comes after year two of trying to plant another one of these in our yard. Year one I planted it and it died. I suspected lack of water so I tried this past year (year two) to water it more during the winter. No luck. I guess it needs more more than that? Perhaps they are used to getting tons of water from being planted on the mountainside and getting lots of rain/snow runoff to drink from?

The good news is: The Austrian Pine trees that I planted over two years ago are still thriving and doing very well! I guess they're better suited to this drier climate out here on "the plains".

I think this weekend I'll have to plant some more trees (since it IS arbor day and all). Or have they renamed it to be "earth day"?

Anyway, my goal is to plant two more austrian (black) pine trees and another maple tree in front too. I like the idea of non-decidious trees for a year-round privacy barrier near fences and property lines, and the decidious maple trees in front for summer shade and winter sun (when they loose their leaves).

Also, I found out our city is giving away trees this weekend if you're planting in a "common" type of area. I think our "tree lawn" (between the sidewalk and the road) may count. Who knows, maybe I'll get a free one? Or perhaps just go out and buy one.

Hopefully after this year I won't have to plant any more (as long as no more trees end up dying on me) :-)


Teri said...

Love, Love, Love the profile pic! Ha Ha!!!

Marion in Colorado said...

Same here! We are very lucky with our Austrian Pine Tree and want to get a second one this spring (one died because of having wet feet due to watering the lawn, we will put it on a little hill now in the same spot). Isn't gardening fun and relaxing? Just yesterday I planted perennials in the front yard...I want everything blue!