Saturday, August 1, 2009

Camping Cancelled – what shall we do?

Kalie called me to tell me with the Tornados that hit, her hubby is working through the weekend. OT for him and that means shopping for her. So Kalie, Rachel and I make plans to go to the farmers market Saturday morning. It was so much fun to share the experience with her. It was a good day for it. There were samples everywhere. We made sure we tried anything that was being offered. We walked up and down looking at everything before deciding what to get. I found my favorite crepe stand and got my usual. Kalie got a waffle that was to die for. YUM
We picked up some fruit and veggies and headed out.

Licking the batter from the bowl of life.
Our next stop was to hit “My Big Fat Cupcake” We shared a peanut butter/ chocolate cupcake. It was heaven. I am still on the rampage of cupcakes and have not decided who has the best in Colorado yet? Will keep you posted once I have made my decision. My Big Fat Cupcake do however have the best chocolate so far. I really like the strawberry/vanilla.

The last stop, I introduced Kalie to Sunflower market. By the time we were done with that. Rachel let us know she was done and ready to go home. We have plans to go back with the men in a few weeks when we are all in town. Not sure how we missed the BBQ that afternoon, but the day got away from us and we found ourselves picking up dinner and watching movies on the couch that night.

It was just a usual Saturday for us in July with me shopping and Adam working on the lawn.

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dynomitegirl said...

I drove by the cupcake shop in Salt Lake and thought of you. I wanted to stop but I had left my wallet at home. I thought about begging my mom for money, but at 33 begging for a cupcake may make me seem like I am 3 again. I think I will make a special trip up there with my kids next week.