Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cakes are just bigger versions of a cupcake right?

I have a love of cupcakes, it now time to work towards my love and increase my skills. I have started a cake decorating class that will go for the next four weeks. Cakes are just a really big cupcake right? So let me learn on frosting and decorating a huge surface. Next I will be able to master decorating my cupcakes and petits fours later on. Decorating is just one piece of the master puzzle, while I will need many canvases to work on while taking the class I will be in the process of looking for the best recipes.

Last night was my first night. I was a little frazzled when I arrived as travel to the class was a nightmare. I walked in looking for a seat and then found my wonderful friend on the front row with a huge smile on her face. My nerves were all put to ease as I walked through the class to go sit on the front row with Julie and Britney. Julie hands me a notebook that she made for me, darling notebook that is specifically for my cake class to take notes so that I can become the master cake/cupcake maker. Oh please let this be my calling in life. I want to add this to my love of chocolate making and cooking. As I have found bread making is on the back burner at the moment, the love has passed for now. Maybe when the weather cools off my love will return or it could be the low carb diet that I am on so bread is off limits right now.

Last night we sat there in awe as the instructor shows us skills on how to frost a cake (not frozen) that is smooth as you see in a magazine and with no crumbs in sight. Oh Martha would have been proud. She shows us some skills and technique that makes me think. “I can do this” as she makes it look so easy. She makes it look like a dance, with her grace and skills. I know when it comes my turn it will not be so easy and the crumbs will be flying and the frosting will not be as smooth. The class came to an end. I left excited but nervous as I didn’t realize there would be a homework assignment. I need to make a cake and have it lightly frosted with the base frosting and come to class with all my equipment in hand to learn how to decorate with a few tips. Among those tips we will be starting to learn how to do a rose. I will need to time it right for the baking and frosting before my next class.

My job will be receiving the first of my master pieces next Wednesday at work. So watch out, there are many more classes with many more cakes that will need to be made and you just might be one of those that find a cake on your doorstep.


dynomitegirl said...

I should really live closer so I can sample your works of art!

Annie Carie said...

I bet you will be awesome at it! It would be SO fun to be in that class with you, good luck on your assignment. :)

Kevin and Kristy said...

How fun that you are taking a cake decorating class! You'll have to let me know how it goes and where all the good cupcake shops are in Denver. Have you been to Mulberries yet? Kevin and I have been eating cupcakes on our trips and love them!

Cam and Chelle said...

Can't wait to see your master-crafted creations! Sure miss talking with you!

Natalie said...

How fun Nikki! Be sure to post pics of the finished products.