Monday, June 21, 2010

Kent Island

Adam and I decided that we wanted to take a day trip and find a sandy beach and eat crabs. So with a little research on the internet at midnight the night before we planned our day. We got in the car and drove about 1.5 hours away where we found this charming little place in Maryland called Kent Island. We stopped at this great little crab shack and ate crab. With a full belly we went around out back and found a few hammocks and took a nap in the hot sun with a nice cool breeze blowing on us. What a nice day to find this little gem of a place. Here are some pictures from a little adventure. I have truly fallen in love with the East Coast and all this it offers us.

As we drove to the crab shack we saw a landing strip that was right behind these houses. Then we noticed that each house had their own plane and they housed them in their garages. I think we just found a perfect place for Adam to be able to live. He can house his plane right on the property. This will be a thought for a future home on the island.

It was a perfect Summer day.

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Kristy said...

That sounds like a fun day! Good eats and a lazy hammock. Can't beat that! We hope you guys are doing well.