Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Lights

Christmas is a beautiful time of year. I just love all the Christmas lights, music, baking, smells and ringing of bells. I love the feeling Christmas brings to my heart. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. Christmas has become so commercialized that I think the true meaning of Christmas gets lost.

Friday night we went with our neighbors to go see the Christmas lights at the DC Temple. It was our first time going to see the lights at the temple. Our neighbors we found out, had gone to seem them about 6 years ago. We all met up and then carpooled to the temple. Traffic was the usual DC traffic on a Friday evening, it took us much longer then we expected. Once we got there all the stress of traffic flew out the window because the beauty of the lights. The were memorizing. Truly spectacular. We walked around and enjoyed the lights with the music playing in the background.

We then went into the visitor center where they had a creche exhibit that was amazing to see so many nativities from around the world. Little man was happy to get out of the cold.

Our little man loved the lights and was a happy boy on this Christmas adventure. He stayed up way too late that night. Lucky for us he decided to sleep in the next morning.

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