Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Candy Season

This is my candy making time of year. Every year since I can remember we make candy. If it is not me making it, it is my parents or siblings taking on the task. Our family is all over the world right now. Some don't have access to chocolate. Can you imagine living in a country that you can't get chocolate or if your can you just cant afford it. Crazy thought right? I am a chocoholic, and could never live in a world without chocolate. HMMMMMM mouth waters at the thought.

We have a family joke about the Chocolate and water diet this time of year. Because that is all we eat. We don't really bake allot of things, but that is because of the endless trays of chocolates that are made.

This year I am simplifying our live. Adam and I talked about it back in October. I thought about it and ultimately he let me make the choice. I decided that our little man is only little once. He is so much fun to spend time with.

The hours and hours and time and energy that I would normally fix aside for candy making is coming to a halt for this year. I would rather spend it as a family of "3" or just me and little man kicking it together.

To simplify my candy season this year. I am making a few items and found in the family recipe book from my Grandmother Zina is a Maple Nut Candy. So instead of the 60+ boxes of candies that we fill and hand out, this years we are keeping is simple and just enjoying the treats with a few we visit on a monthly basis. If feels odd to not be making chocolates.

I still think I may make one batch just for fun, just so I can eat chocolate and water for a few days. It almost doesn't feel like Christmas without the chocolate and water diet.

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