Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Vacation

We love to take advantage of long weekends and turn them into what we call a family vacation. We headed south about 6 hours and set our camp at the Wyndham. This will be our hotel for all future visits. It was wonderful. The room was large and spacious and worked well for our little family. Plus they served a awesome breakfast each morning and we could pack away drinks and fruit for our little man. Nice right!

 We spend many hours at the beach. Little man loved it. He enjoyed the cool breeze, the sand and even got close to the ocean this time that he walked in the pool of water the tide would leave behind. As the tide approached his toes he would back away and not let it touch him. This was a huge improvement since our last time to the beach.

We also had a great pool at the hotel and took little man swimming for the first time. He loved the pool. At first he was not sure but the three of use held each other and puddered around the pool singing the "wheels on the bus" after that he was smiles and kicking his arms and legs. I think he is going to be a natural in the water like his mommy.

We also one evening took a walk on the boardwalk and enjoyed the sunset.

Surfer in training

High five dude!

Family shot!
I love hanging with my Dad.

This beach is famous for filming and they were filming while we where here.

Hanging on the boardwalk.

Mommy and me with the USS North Carolina.
Me with the big boat behind me

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There were some girls flirting with me and I am loving it.

Mom had me wear them, I really am not sure I like these sun glasses

Yes, I think I can see better without them.

Josh and Christine
And then we were able to meet up with Josh and Kristen for dinner.  We love Whole Foods and took them there for a buffet.  

Say Cheese!

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