Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Will Always Remember

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing the morning of 
September 11, 2001?  

I do, very clearly. I will never forget to horror and pain of that day. I was at home getting ready for work. My best friend  Julie called me that morning and told me to turn on the TV. I did and in shock I am watching the tv as rest of the world in shock as to what I am seeing.. I collect myself and head to work not knowing what the day will bring. I swipe my card and go in the building there I am greeting by managers that take a few of us into a room and brief us of the situation that is going on in New York. Once that is over I remember walking to my desk as if I was on a cloud. I felt as though I was floating and could not get my balance. So much was rushing through my mind. I sat at my desk, I begin to shake and cry thinking about what I am about to take on. I think of the terror of those who experience what they had to go through, but the love ones who will be on the other end of my call I am about to take. I worked for Continental Airlines I was answering calls on the phone to give information about what we knew at the time. Which at the time was nothing. We had no idea if it was one of our planes or who's planes had been taken over. Who's plane had crashed.

Each call got harder and harder. It was painful to have no information. To hear the other voice shaking on the other side. There was anger, sadness and people who just needed to talk. I can't explain the emotional pain as I took those calls for a few hours that day. I ended up leaving early because I was exhausted from the emotional stress. I went home and sat in front of the tv not being able to pull myself away. I was in shock. I didn't know anyone personally who's life was taken that day. But I did and do feel the pain of those who survived and those families who lost a love one that day.
I will always remember. 

I had a trip the next week to New York. I will never forget the feeling of that city those few days I was there. I have never seen that city so quiet before. Thousands of pictures, flowers, notes, looking for lost ones all over the subway and city. The smoke still over ground zero.

I will never forget!

I was in New York last Saturday just for a day. I had an amazing opportunity to get tickets to go and see what they are creating at ground zero. It is just beautiful. The new towers reflect the sky and when you look at it, it looks as if it is waving back and forth like our beautiful flag in the sky.
This is a sculpture that was created for those who survived.

Look closely at the bench that surrounds this sculpture.

Notice the reflection of the clouds on the tower, just beautiful.

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