Saturday, December 1, 2012

My accident

It was only a week ago I was standing and walking like a normal person. Then one freak accident and I am laid up in bed for the past week and will not be the same for the next few months. Here's how it went down. It was a normal Monday morning. Little man and I get up and do our usual thing. Daddy heads off to work. We eat our morning smoothie plat and then time for a nap. I get showered and ready for the day while he takes a nap. He gets up and we head out the door. We had a few minuets to enjoy the grass and leaves, so little man and I play in the yard while we wait for our friend to come. When Wendie shows up we pack into my car to go visit another friend. We get there and I get little man out of the car. I hold him in my left arm and carry the diaper bag in my right. We are right behind Wendie and the next thing I know. I missed the tops step or the next one and my ankle turns, my other ankle lands wrong and I am on the ground. With my ankles at the top of the stairs my knees down low and little man in my arms. Not a scratch to little man. I am not sure what just happened but I can not move or move my legs. Wendie pulls little man from me and I grab my ankle trying to lift it and move it down. The pain is bad. I take of the right boot first and see it is really swollen and the boot became immediately tight. I then notice something sticking out. I ask if this is a bone or a goose egg bump. After I gain control and can breath normal again I try to stand up. I can't. It hurts and I know that for sure I can not put pressure on my right foot. Polly husband is home and they give me crutches to get into the house. I realize this is really bad and we need medical attention right away. We have a prayer and I leave little Man with Polly. Wendie and I head to the doctor. We make a stop at my doctor with was only a block away and find out that I need to go to the ER this is serious. We check into the ER. After about 7 hours later I check out of the hospital with a temporary plaster cast on my leg. I have broken my ankle in two places and sprained my other one. They tell me that I have to wait for the swelling to go down before I can have surgery. 7-10days later. Still in shock at what happened I go home with my husband. Little man was passed on to another friend for a sleepover, since it was late when we got out of the hospital. Another friend came over that night and gave me a blessing and help me crawl up the stairs to my bed. I will remain upstairs until I have surgery next week.
This is me after my first full day at home in laid up.  In pretty good spirits.

Should have gotten a better picture of the sprained ankle. 
The Young Woman came over this week to visit and they hurried around the house doing little tasks that made a huge difference in our world. Before they left the filled our freezer with meals. I am so thankful to be working with the fine young ladies. They are so much fun, and have so much energy. They made my night with their visit
Me after my visit with the awesome Young Women.

They brought balloons, a sign, a card and frozen meals.  How awesome are they?  I should have gotten a picture of everyone in my room.  Next time.

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Rachel said...

So sorry Nikki, that doesn't look like much fun at all. isn't it nice to have Ward family's that will do so much in a heartbeat? Wish we could come help out. good luck!