Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green Thumb?

We were convinced by a friend to see if we had a green thumb, so we planed and executed a plan to grow things. Well we tried at least. We started out looking at this magazine and order a load of berry plants. Yeah thinking oh how fun it will be to have all this fruit. Well when they arrived we didn't have any idea where we were going to put all these plant. We only had a few days to get them in the ground. We waited until that Saturday, oh I will not forget that day. It was so cold and while we were planting it started to snow. We started digging holes all over the place along the perimeter of the yard. These things looked like stick with roots and as I am putting them in the ground I really don't believe they will turn out to anything. As weeks turned in to a month one day I notice a little green sprouting out. To my surprise the bush like things were forming. Some faster than others. Then the day we actually had strawberries on the bush I had to take a picture. They were sweet and very tasty. The next were the raspberries. We enjoyed a few handfuls of those this season. The blackberry and blueberries did not produce this year but they did turn into nice size bushes and hopefully next year we will see something on them.

As for the garden I had an idea and showed Adam a plan to build a raised garden bed. Well he took the plan into consideration and build what he thought it should be. I was a little disappointed but I figured he build it, I will see if it really will work. And so it did. We had soil delivered and it was filled. The planting began. We had lots of plants and different veggies, but the only thing we harvested this year was lots and lots of Yellow Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and herbs. The best part was know these were salmonella free produce. We were able to grill and roast and cook with all the fresh produce. We had more than the two of us could eat and were able to give away to friends and family.

Now the growing season is coming to an end and with our close to last harvest we found something I think you will enjoy seeing. You can decided what our cucumber looks like with your own imagination. We found two of these in there and sent one home with my parents and we kept the other one. We learned that these little plants are determined to grow in any circumstance and it did just that trying to grow through the fence. We had to cut the fence to get it out.

Back to the raspberries. One afternoon we were both out there picking veggies to eat for dinner and I found 6 raspberries on a bush. I pulled off 4 because they were perfect to eat and left the 2 because they were not quite ripe, I thought to myself I will give it a couple of days and pick them. So I gave one to Adam, I ate one myself and then I gave Lizzie (our 6lb chihuahua) one and Roxie (11lb chihuahua) one. I turned my back for a second and Adam starts to laugh and points. OMG Roxie is over at the bush and with her mouth gently pulling the 2 berries off the bush and eating them. Now Adam was convinced the dogs were eating the berries, but I seriously didn't think they had it in them to do it. I was so wrong.

We have found that we need to work on our green thumbs and will continue to try again next year. Adam wants to build another garden bed. More like the one I wanted to build earlier this year. So next year we will continue to push the green thumb and see what we can do.

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