Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Adam!

Happy Birthday Adam you old man you! I want to wish you the best birthday ever.

Adam and I meet for lunch today. He rode his scooter from his job to Noodles across the street from where I work so we could meet for lunch and I could get back to work in my 30 mins time frame. I quickly walked across the street to meet him. He had already ordered and the food was there when I arrived. We had a nice lunch together. I sat on the back of the scooter and he drove me back to my building. The best part is he was able to get out at a normal time from work tonight and we met at home. I had picked up a small cake and gave him his present. I bought him a leather coat. The leaher jacket he has wears is really worn out. So he was really suprise to find a new one for his birthday. We ended up going to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, which is Macaroni Grill. We ended up getting our whole bill paid for tonight with this mile card we had and found out they no longer accept and cashed us out, so that was a nice surprise. On top of that they brought him a piece of chocolate cake with a candle and a very pretty blond sang to him in Italian HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It was a great night and I hope Adam knows how much he is loved.

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kathy said...

That is quite the CAKE!! You are soooo good!! Nice work :D

I love how perfectly you timed the lunch's like precision dining :) And, not to mention free dinner ....

Glad you had a nice day!