Monday, October 27, 2008

Here’s to you Kevin and Kristy

Don’t they look perfect together? What a wonderful experience to be able to be at a wedding. The spirit that I felt in the room; my body tingled from head to toe. There is something very special about the temple and the fact that we can be married from all time and eternity. It was wonderful to see two people who waited and didn’t settle to find the right person, get married at the right time and place. I met Kristy for the first time that day and fell in love with her right away. I kept telling Adam that they could not be more perfect for each other. I am so happy for my friend Kevin for holding out and the being able to find his companion. I have to say I was getting a little worried about him. He seemed to be getting more cynical as the years passes. Let me tell you how I met Kevin. Way back, I realized it was 18 years ago we met via an old boyfriend. Kevin lived across the hall from him in the dorm. Kevin would double date with us. Then Kevin went on a mission and then Craig went on his mission and then later I found myself going on a mission. I remember that call that came in on my first night in my pad in Switzerland. My companion hands me the phone and says it is for you. Who could be calling me? Then there is this voice asking me all these questions, I am answering yes to all of them. I come to find out it is Kevin. We ended up serving in the same areas though out my mission. I remember celebrating his birthday one year in Germany at one of our district meetings.

On our way home we stopped at a Halloween store and comprised on a costume for both of us. We will not do what I wanted to do this year, maybe next but I think we will have fun in what we choose for the party Friday Night. On our way home I took some pictures of us in the car. It was a fun day!

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