Thursday, October 30, 2008

Working on Life

Life is good right now. I mean there are so many good things going on with people around me. Like new love, babies being born and babies in anticipation - soon to be born, parties with friends and get together. The fall going into winter is a great time of year. I like to watch the seasons change and with that I find myself making new resolutions and changes in my life as well.

This week once again has been crazy, planning my time well enough to get all the extra things accomplished. Last night as I sat at my kitchen counter playing with my Bedazzler, it was nice just relax and enjoy making "the girls" costumes for Halloween. I have to say for a first timer with making their costumes I think I did a pretty good job. My girls will be Ballerina's. This is how the idea came to me for their costume. Both Lizie and Roxie will do tricks for a treat (as most of us will do as well don’t you think), and one of their tricks is Dance. They will stand on their hind legs and dance a circle for a treat, only if there are not any distractions. Then it hit me how they are just like a ballerina. A friend of mine Michelle gave me a great idea the night we were crafting, so the next day I went to the Dollar store and got these headbands, a whole package for a $1. Soon the idea all came together and with the help of my mom on the sewing it part, we hand stitched these little tutu's for "the girls". I had to go the extra mile and add the bling; it is all about the Bling for me. You may think I am crazy for doing this that is ok. It is fun and it is the only time of year I can really dress up “the girls” without anyone thinking it is out of the ordinary. FYI at home they don’t wear clothes unless it is a blizzard outside and it is really cold and they are shivering, then I put sweaters on them. We only put clothes on them for company and special occasions because it is more fun for the reaction we get when they are dressed up. But these diva’s are normal little Chihuahua at home “No Mas"

I ended my evening working on my mail in ballet that finally arrived. I dropped that off in the mail today. Yeah! One more vote for America! I would encourage you to vote, your voice needs to be heard and your vote will make a difference.


Diana said...

wow Nikki! great job on their costumes! they are freaking adorable! :)

Annie Carie said...

super cute! loving the tutus!