Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where did April Go?

I can hardly believe it is May? Where did April go? As for our month it was full of adventures and fun. The day we got back from our trip, when I got home for work I heard an extra barking in the house. Oh yeah, we dog sat for a friend of ours for a few days. Buddy, you may recognize from Halloween. Adam and Buddy were in the same costumes. Well he came and stayed with us. As for him getting along with “the girls” they did just fine. They pretty much stayed out of each others path during his stay. I have to tell one funny thing that happened while Buddy was here. Saturday night we stayed up really late. We were painting that night and it turned into a late night early morning we finally went to bed around 1:30am. Well the next morning we were up at 7am and went down stairs to let the girls out. They are always excited no matter how much sleep they get they are ready for anything. I went over to Buddy who would not come out of his kennel, I peeked in and he started to growl at me. Okay Buddy I get it, you are not ready to get up. Take it easy, you can sleep longer. Later that morning I realized I had not seen him for a while so I called his name and he did not answer. I started to get a little nervous and so went out to the back yard to see if he was out there. Nope, I could not find this 6 lbs dog. Where could he be? I went upstairs and was calling his name to try to get a response, I went into the loft and looked at the couch all I saw was a blanket. As I got closer and could hear a growl and thought maybe he was back behind the couch. I am moving towards the couch ready to put my knee on the couch to get on it so I can peek over the back and look behind, at that moment I see Buddy with his teeth growling at me from the blanket. Oh there you are. Ok Buddy back off I just wanted to know where you were. He had cuddle up in the blanket on the couch getting some more sleep. So yes the late nights with us did affect Buddy and I am sure he was happy to go home and get more sleep than he was able to get at our house.

April is our month full of Birthdays we have seven to be exact. This means a lot of phone calls and birthday cakes. Easter Sunday Adam and I got together with my parents to celebrate Easter and while we were there we celebrated all our Birthdays except for Adam who is later in the year. My mom made my favorite birthday cake. I grew up requesting it. It is a chocolate torte. I have requested this to be 4 layers in the past; it is a chocolate heavy cake with crushed almond in it with a chocolate ganache frosting. Very rich and very decadent. One layer is all you really need. Once a year is all you really need to eat this cake as it has a pound of butter and sugar in each layer.

As having the planting bug hit me early this season, I really want to get out in the yard and start planning flowers and take an early start this season. That came to a halt when it started to snow. Uh yeah got to love the weather guys when they say this storm could bring one to thirty inches of snow. Hmmmm I think they were right on as just about every where in the area received that much calculation for this past spring storm.

Last weekend our church had a Pine Wood Derby. Anything goes was the motto. We invited our neighbors to go with us, so during the week we got together to make our cars. I still need to get the pictures from the night at their house building the cars. We had all our tools out on their kitchen table trying to build our master pieces for the night. We had a lot of fun making the cars and we had even more fun racing them. As both our cars went 3 rounds before losing.

This is Kalie, Ephraim their daughter Rachel and me introducing you to their awesome car.

This is a picture of Kalie, Rachel and I showing off the awesome car Adam and I made. Well actually Adam built it I got to paint and decorate it. It's pink with awesome stickers all over it.


Julie said...

The pine wood derby looked like a blast. You did a great job on the cars.

I guess you and Adam are a little too wold for Rocky, those late nights and all.

Time does pass fast. May is going to be a great month.


Natalie said...

Nice derby car! I wish we could have come- I had this great idea for a p.t. cruiser :)

eckleinman said...

I love that Buddy made the Blog! You rock!