Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July continues with Family

This month has got to be the worst month for OT at work, which is what I have been doing among all the fun. The next week we had family in town. Adam’s brother came with his wife, two of her nieces and a niece and nephew that belong to another brother. The house was full for a week. They had much planned for their time here. We found places for everyone to sleep at night. Chase somehow made his way to sleeping in the hall. I think he wanted to be near the girls but not with the girls so he planted his spot right in front of the girl’s door in the hallway. I have to say those kids are just amazing. It is fun to just sit back and watch them, watch their individual personalities. Miriam doesn’t eat cow because it is her favorite animal, Malory is such a beautiful young woman. Chase and Abbey are the best brother and sister. I love the comments that come from Chase; he is quick wit and a funny little man. Abbey is so smart and insightful. She is so kind and loving and really loves the dogs.

Saturday we were all able to spend some time together as Nathan invited us to go along with them to the Renaissance Festival. We were barely past the castle gates and Chase wandered into a store to pick up a sword. There were so many fun shops and people dressed in costumes running around; free shows to watch and a parade passed us by with a elephant and all. Abby got her hair braided. The afternoon ended with us all sitting on the grass people surrounding the arena for the jousting event. The King and Queen blessed us with their presence and we peasant sat and watched the show. Nathan talked trash with the Black knight, they yelled back and forth as he would ride by on his horse. The weather began to change and the sky became dark and I turned to Adam as the big drops of rain started to come down. Knowing the extreme weather we have had this summer, the rain would come fast, hard, and hail would be following soon. We decided to bail, the rest of the group wanted to hold out. So Adam and fled for the car. We exited the castle gates and found a huge line for the bus back to the car. We decided to hoof it back to the car, we walked, and our pace increased to a power walk, soon to be a sprint to the car. We reached the car as the hail barreled down on us. Oh was I glad we were in the car and not out in the weather.

On our way back home we both saw the most unusual thing. We saw lighting strike off in the distance on the left side of the road in some trees. Then for a second there was a blue glowing light that followed. We were both amazed at the light; it was not until the light had passed and I was still staring trying to figure out what is was. Adam asked me if I saw it.
About an hour after we got home the crew arrived drenched from the storm. They ordered pizza and stayed in for the night. Adam and I had plans to go to a play. Bye Bye Birdie, which we got ready for and left. It was a great evening going to the play, seeing the kids who performed and seeing the hot boys the girls were telling me about the past few weeks. The kids did a great job and I am so glad we went to see them.

As with all family that comes to town there must be a night at Casa Bonita. Yes, I went once again to enjoy the atmosphere of Casa Bonita. Anyone who goes knows you don’t go for the food. They make you buy the food whether you eat it or not. But what you get to eat unlimited sopapilla. YUM, raise your red flag at the table and a server appears out of now where with baskets of sopapilla. Sopapilla and Bart’s Cave that is my favorite part of Casa Bonita. Adam and I exited early from the night and let the others enjoy the wonders of Casa Bonita until it closed.

The next day our company left and what they left behind were some beautiful Pink flowers on my counter in a vase. THANK YOU>

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