Friday, July 31, 2009

The trip continues with more Family

The next day we get up and ready for whatever. We really didn’t have any plans other than be at Kathy’s at 3pm. I had already spent my fill at IKEA and so going back was not a good idea. Adam spent time with Alan and Julie, Mason and I went shopping. We were shopping for food storage. Julie knew where all the good stuff to get with really good prices. So I spend my monthly fill for food storage and loaded the car once again. We said our goodbye’s after another lunch at Café Rio and heading to Kathy and Dave’s house.
It should not have been so difficult for us to find it. As Kathy gave us really good directions, on the second time around both reading the direction we found the castle they are living in. Yes I say a castle as there are big steps up to the biggest door I have ever seen. It is a beautiful home and a place that I hope they will stay forever as it has beautiful views and the space to grow into. Nathan and Marnie were there and the six of us played a few games before it was time for dinner. Kathy had made a stew that her mother used to make for them when they were growing up. It was really good. About the time we were finished with dinner. Seth and his family arrived. Everyone got a tour of the castle and the kids had a great time playing upstairs. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the reception.
The point of the trip was to go to Adam’s cousin’s reception. Since Adam really wanted to go we decided to turn it into a mini vacation. It was great to see Keith and his brothers and meet their wife’s. It was awesome to finally meet Aunt Deana. I had heard a lot about her over the years. I got to meet extended Hiatt’s and the man who gave Adam’s his PB. One woman, some aunt of something said something that really made me mad. Other than that it was a beautiful reception and good to meet the cousins and extended family.

As we are leaving the reception Adam get’s a call that I left a bag of clothes at Kathy’s. We head back to retrieve the clothes and find ourselves talking into the night with Kathy and Dave. As I talked with them I felt more of a connection with Kathy and realized that she is a kindred spirit and I would like to get to know them better.

We sneak in like high school kids into Julie’s house trying not to make a sound. With all that work we find Alan on the computer in the basement. The next morning we go to one hour of church and head home. It was a fun and relaxing weekend. There was no rushing around to trying and see everyone, get everything in on one weekend. I never made it to the other two cupcake shops. We didn’t spend as much time with Seth’s family as we would have liked. I didn’t spend enough time at IKEA.

But there is always the next time. RIGHT?

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