Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who doesn’t like July?

Really, who doesn’t like July? There is so much to do. BBQ’s, farmers markets, family, friends, trips and just things you can only do in the summer time around here. We have been camping once this year, but had a few other trips planned and they have been cancelled. I am not that sad about the cancelling of camping trips as I am not much of a camper. I will post our trip as I have it all ready, just can’t get the pictures up with it just yet. As there is still a big chuck of the summer left there may be another camping trip coming up soon.

Let me begin the month with the celebration of our country’s birthday. Oh this is a fun day for us. We love the 4th of July, we love the food, fun and of course are big fans of the lights in the sky at night. We decided until the last moment to just stay home. I am so glad we did, it was nice to just be us and with friends for the 3 day weekend. Adam and I started our 4th off at the Farmer’s Market in Cherry creek. We walked up and down looking at all the neat stands with the fresh produce, flowers and items that were being sold. It was so busy, and the Arts festival was going on as well a few blocks away. We always eat breakfast at the market. I found my favorite place ever that morning it was the crepe stand. I had the most amazing crepe of brie, ham, apples and Basel. Oh my mouth waters just thinking about it. We picked up a few veggies for the week and also an organic pint of blueberries. (Later we had a taste test and both agreed that the organic was hands down better)

After walking like what seemed for hours we were ready to head back to our car and head home. I was so tired, not sure why but decided I needed a nap. So we did what anyone who has nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon does. We took a power nap. Later that afternoon, we headed to our friends the Webster’s to their BBQ. Even though the rain came down, it did not dampen the party. It was in full force when we arrived. The kids had blankets all over the floor, covering every inch and they were there working on a craft that had been planned for them. There we were able to talk with people we had not seen in a while and others we see all the time. It was good to be able to enjoy the time with other families in the area. After the BBQ we headed to the GVR Park where we met our other friends. We arrived before them and out of the blue Adam recognizes someone. Of course he does. It never fails where ever we go, it does not matter where in the world we are. Adam recognizes someone.

Our group arrives and we decide to go closer to the music. We found a spot, pulled out the cards and played crazy eight until it got too dark to see them. We laughed and ate and just plain enjoyed ourselves. We ran into a few other people we knew and they stopped and talked with us. It was fun to be near the lake, with live music and playing cards. As they played the last song, the anticipation grew for the fireworks to begin. As it was cold outside Adam and I cuddles under the blanket and watched the wonderful show above. There is magic in the air when you watch a firework show. For only 20mins people will gawk and remark together over the lights in the sky. Together with ooh and awe. It was a great show and we completely loved the finale. Then with everything we have in us, we all rush to get out stuff up and out and deal with all the traffic to go home. I have to say, we have been pretty lucky where we have parked the past few years, we were out of there in five minutes once we were in the car.

We head back to our neighborhood where we saw another show. I am completely amazed with all the stuff our neighbors can get their hands on. Adam was right there lighting his stuff off and making noise in the streets up until Midnight.

The month is only beginning even though we are close to the end.

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