Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Farewell Colorado

I hate to say goodbye to Colorado and to so many good friends that we have made while living there. If the prompting to go to Virginia was not so strong we would never be leaving. We are going to truly miss our family and friends here in the west. Our home in VA will always welcome anyone who wants to venture out our way. Farwell my favorite flower from my garden, the Columbine of course.

There are so many fond memories with people that I love. I seem to meet people in odd situations and we become friends. I had one friend I met years ago who was pounding on my front door enraged because water was leaking in her house. I offered her a chocolate and calmed her down and we because the best of friends following that situation.

Another one is late at night around 11pm we see a Uhaul truck, Adam and I were coming home from getting ice cream. He insisted we stop to see if they needed help. There we found this couple who had unloaded all but the heavy stuff. Adam help with the heavy stuff and we soon found later they to be great friends of ours.

Another person invited Adam to go fishing. I remember Adam calling me up to tell me to come and meet him. So I drove over to his house with Adam giving me directions over the phone as I drove. I find them both in the back yard gutting fish they caught that morning. This was the first of many fun adventures with these friends.

There are so many other stories and memories. Of going out to dinner with friends and baking and cooking dinners together. We found our Christmas list this year to almost be too much as we had so many people make the list. I cooked and cooked to give each of our friends a little piece of us and our love for them.

Life is nothing if you have not got your family and friends around you to share your joys and pain. Thank you and we will not forget you. You will always be in our hearts.

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Natalie said...

Wow! What a big change. I totally know how you feel. Good luck with your new adventure! And, to answer Adam's question about the pressure canner, I have the Presto one, but I'm not very familiar with other brands. I think there are a lot of reviews online though :)