Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend away - 6 hour drive

So where can you go in six hours from our new house. Well one of the places is to Salisbury, NC where Adam's parents live. We packed up a few weekend bags, loaded the girls and away we went. Only it didn't take us 6 hours to get there. It took us about 1.5 hours just to go 40 miles on the freeway. Yes, we hit the lovely DC traffic that everyone talks about. So leaving at 430pm are arrival time to our destination was midnight. We settled in and got a night's rest. The next morning we were on a mission to grab a quick breakfast and head up to go visit with Adam's grandma. So we got in the car and mashed the peddle and found a Bojangles and picked up some breakfast biscuits. There is nothing like a flaky southern biscuit for breakfast.

After that we went back and picked up Adam's Dad and headed for Mount Airy. Yes to all the Andy Griffith fans out there, this is his home town and also where Grandma lives. She went to school with Andy and she happens to live right across the street from Andy's house that he grew up in. So we did see a few tour buses drive by during the visit. We had about 1.5 hour drive to this tiny town up north in NC.

We arrived and decided that we better get lunch. I had Snappy Lunch on my list of things to do while in town. I had a Snappy Lunch burger about 7 years ago and to this day have never had one like it and I have not stop thinking about their burgers. We walked up through the alley to hit main street. There was allot going on in the little town. We stood in line for about 30 mins waiting to get a table. I could not wait to order. I order a breaded hamburger with all the fixings. Their fixings is slaw, chili, mustard and a slice tomato. Believe me it sounds odd but it is SO GOOD! Adam order a ground steak burger and we order a pork chop sandwich to go. As Adam is half way eating his burger he signal the waitress and orders another one. He forgot how good it was.

This is Andy's house that he grew up in and it is across the street from Grandma's house.

After lunch we drive through the city. Adam shows me his old house, we see places that his dad visited while growing up there. Adam's dad told us a story that when he was in high school he would get up early in the morning and run down main street, he would smell Snappy Lunch as he would run by.

We arrived at Grandma's and found Uncle Money there. This was my first time meeting him. He looks allot like Adam's dad. He greeted us with a warm welcome and gave hugs all around. He was very friendly and happy to see us. We then went into see grandma who was in bed. This was my first time meeting her as well. All around her house we saw pictures of her, her husband and people who where in her life. I saw pictures of her in her younger years and what a beautiful woman she is. Grandma turns 90 next month and has really gone down hill with her health this past year. She is only 75lbs right now. So frail and weak. She still has her wits though and was able to tell us stories and sing songs her mother had sung to her as a child. She was sad that she could not do more as her body just will not let her. Her mind is there and she enjoys reading.

After our visit we took a detour and went to Mount Pilot to take a look at the scenery. It was beautiful.

On our way back we decided to hit Lexington to go to the World's famous Bar-B-qQue festival. We didn't arrive until 6pm and found out that it was over at 6pm. We did walk in and try to see and eat stuff but nothing was open and the whole thing was shutting down. On our way back we saw this awesome sand castle.

We headed back to Salisbury and was able to see Adam's brother Josh for about 10 mins. We had not seen him in seven years. He has gone from this little kid that I remember to a man.

We picked up Adam's mom and the we went to dinner. What did we go to eat. Southern Bar-B-Que of course with slaw and hush puppies on the side.

The next morning we went to church. Adam loved it, he was able to see allot of people that he knew when growing up. After church we packed out things and headed back home. We did however make it back to home in 6 hours. As traffic coming back on a Sunday night was smooth.

I wonder where our next 6 hour trip will take us. HMMMM I am thinking that one will be for Thanksgiving.


Ben and Jen McDowell said...

Just thought about you guys the other day.... almost a year ago you brought us lunch in the hospital. How awesome are you two! That is fun to see you guys are traveling and taking advantage of time in a new place! Good to keep up with you!

Piper said...

Hey there- only 6 hours on a plane and you could be at our house! hahaha Not really kidding, though. ;)

Diana said...

glad you guys had such a good time, and it sounds like you saw all the required spots! can't wait to have you guys to Rochester at thanksgiving for your next trip!!

dynomitegirl said...

Nikki you look great! I have missed your last couple of posts, it has been fun to get caught up. ((HUGS))...and I miss you. Virginia feels even further than Colorago.

Kevin and Kristy said...

Hope you are getting settled in your new place! And how fun that you are traveling around seeing all the new sights!