Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have been living in our second home now for a little over a week.

This past spring we felt like we should buy a home here. But what were we thinking, we still had a home back in Colorado. We prayed about it and moved forward with this choice. Back in May we found this place the first time we walked through it we thought. HMMMM nothing special it is the same floor plan as the one we are renting. It is just way overpriced! We then found one that was quite a fixer upper and put a bid in that night. The next day they came back to tell us a offer had been put in a day before and they accepted that one. So we were back looking for a home.

We looked at places in the area and didn't seem to see anything that was what we were looking for. Then this house, the way over priced dropped about 20K in price and instantly it became interesting to us. It was the same as what we were renting and in the end it met all our needs. Plus the basement is more usable then what we were living in. So we put a bid on it. It was a short sale now that term is loosely used. It should be called a long sale as it took six months for the whole thing to go through. With allot of complications in the end, we were not sure it was even going to go through. With Adam and some great people working for us it all went through in time. Now we are enjoying the benefits of being a home owner once again. Life is good, it will be expensive for a while as there is allot of things to do on our new little treasure.

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