Sunday, November 27, 2011

Growing up so Fast!

I found these that I had taken of my little man when he was still only a few months old. We were sitting in the nursery and I was holding him while he slept.

There is something very sweet about the size of little feet. He was only a few month old and I would love to hold him and just look at him. These little feet never moved much at that time. He really didn't know what they could do. Now these little feet fit into a size 12 month sock and they kick me while I am changing his diaper.

This little leg didn't move much either, he would just let you hold him and cuddle him and now this knee can bend and he uses his waist to lift up those legs and bang them down on the floor. I can hear him downstairs when he starts to get those legs banging down on his bed.

He he is happily cuddling in my arms . He just sleeps in peace and no movement. Now that my little man is almost 7 months old. These moments are rare. It only happens at the end of the day. When he rubs his eyes and tells me he is ready for sleep. Then he will curl up with me and all the wiggles stop and I get a little cuddle time with my little man.

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