Monday, August 27, 2012

New Findings

I knew this day would come, I was just not encouraging it anytime soon. He finally realized he can climb onto the couch himself. Yes, little man has learn how to climb. He is so proud of himself. I am proud of him and it is so much fun to watch him climb on and off the couch. Just not fun to see he has learned, that with this new climbing thing, he now has the ability to get higher objects. Like picture frames, light switches, lamps, shelves. You name it we have it. So with this new phase in our lives we have once again evaluate our home and open up more room for him and put up more gates. This is our new world and in some ways I am loving it. In other ways I am terrified. My little man keeps growing and showing me what he can do.
this is the life!
It is more fun to read my books up on the couch with mommy.
I really like the soft couch and the blankets to play with.
I need to turn myself around to get off.
I slid right off the couch when I want to get down.

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Marion in Colorado said...

Don't be terrified, dear Nikki! Enjoy every single moment with your son! You only keep learning in what to do and what not to do. Everything will be fine. You are awesome parents, I am still so happy for you that you finally got your baby with all you had to go through. Don't be terrified of what little man can do, be amazed by it!! Love, Marion