Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Living Room Fort

I had a grumpy kid on my hands a few days ago. He was grumpy from getting his shots but also because his molars are coming in. I was beside myself, and then the thought came to me.
Let's make a fort. 
 I gathered a big blanket and some chairs and voila here it is. I had to show him at first what it was and how to go in. Now we are on day 3 of the fort and I find him in there all the time. He now is bringing his toys in there with him. Every so often he invites me in with him.
Love this little man.
I am loving this fort Mommy made me.

It's like my own place that I can hide out in.

Check out the back of my head and look at all my hair.

Mom will you come in the fort with me?

Come on, let me show you how to come in.

This way mom, there is plenty of room.

Loving my new hide out.

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