Friday, August 3, 2012

Watch Him Grow

Little man is 15 months old. We have his stats. He has really grown since he turned one.
 Weight 25.8lbs 
Height 32 inches
He says a few words like
Da da
Ma ma
Bye Bye
More ( signing)
He is so much fun and I can't believe how fast he is growing. Check him out for yourself.

Little Man with his laptop

If you see I know use my kitchen as a walking toy.  I like to run it around the room.

I do take time out to relax, now that I realize how soft the pillows are.

Who me, no way!

Look it is a beautiful day, when are we heading out for adventures?

Look how tall I am.  My head is almost to the second shelf from the bottom,

We tried finger painting with pudding today.  I told mom it was better to eat then to paint with.

So she let me have a spoon and forget about trying to paint.

First Chocolate pudding, I think this stuff rocks!

Yes, lets do this again real soon!

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