Sunday, May 5, 2013

Look Who Turned TWO

Little man has turned TWO, and with that we celebrated his birthday this weekend. The party was held  at the park. We were so lucky that the weather allowed us to go to the park, it was a perfect day. The theme this year was from one of his favorite books. I know a cliche right? But I thought it would turn into a cute party. We had a Hungry Caterpillar Party. Since we moved the party to the park I wanted to keep it simple. This is my version of toning it down this year.
Happy Birthday Little Man - You are very loved by everyone who meets you.

Little man had a fun with all his friends, 15 kids came and 9 adults.  It was a awesome party and even better at the park so everyone could run around and play.

Little man got some awesome books, this is one of them.  The books he got today will be place in the special book collection.  A shelf he can not reach YET.  He points to the books and says. "special book", then I pull them off the shelf so we can read them as well as enjoy them for a very long time.

Little man with Mickey Mouse.  He calls it Nikki Mouse.  Very cute but very concerning that he calls me mommy and nikki all the same.

Here is is with his legos, cars and his first shovel.  He would not put the shovel down.  I think he would have slept with it if we would have let him.

I made Little Man a t shirt for his birthday.  I picked the t shirt up from Old Navy and purchased the iron on off ebay.  The seller customized it for me.  Little Man got a few books, cars, a submarine for the bath tub, a build a bear gift certificate.

Here is little man opening a present.  He got his first Lego set.

Little Man had a vanilla cake with strawberry frosting.  I put some chocolate candies on top to look like a caterpillar.  Everyone else had cupcakes.

Little Man was not sure about the candle on the cake with the flames going.  He did not try to blow out the candles so we did it for him.  Maybe next year.

Out little man has turned TWO.

For our very Hungry Caterpillar sack Lunch I made bags for the kids and adults.  The little caterpillar lunch had a circle sandwiches of bread, turkey and cheese.  Next I made a mini heart shaped blueberry pie, a small orange, a strawberry and a bag of grapes that looked like a butterfly.  The adult sack lunch was the same the only difference was the sandwich was a chicken salad in a croissant (cocoon)  Then everyone had a choice of apple juice, chocolate milk or water.

Even the adults found the kids inside of them and played at the park while drinking chocolate milk.  Here are the party favors for the kids and adults.  The adults got some caterpillar food in a large jar, with a sucker and noise maker.  The kids got the same with the caterpillar food in a smaller jar with a caterpillar craft, and a pad of paper in the shape of fruit.

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