Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" and his "Paycheck"


Halloween was a blast this year. We had allot of fun with friends and "the girls" Our church throws a Halloween party every year, this year it happened to be on the night of Halloween. We start off with a chili cook-off. I made my Northern White Chili. There were all kinds of chili there, hot and spicy, healthy and vegan. So there is something for everyone. Then there were side dishes and cornbread. All very delicious and everyone left with a full belly. After some games and fun we have what we call a Trick or Trunk. All the cars are lined up in the parking lot and the owners of the cars go out and hand out candy from the trunk of their cars. A very safe way for kids to get candy and enjoy the tradition of Halloween.

Adam and I like to go all out if we can. We dress up and light up the car with a strobe light, flasher and battery candles and pumpkins. We also like to bring "the girls" and they love it. Here are some pictures of the fun night. I went as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Adam was my Pay Check. Nice jail bait don't you think? Lot’s of adults dressed up right along with the kids. I seemed to scare a few of the little ones with my tuff looking costume.

Sara Palin came and I had to take a picture with her. I ran in to Cinderella before the ball and the Wicked Queen was there trying to hand out Apples. HMMM.

Adam found his partner in crime "Buddy Kleiman"

We were able to go stop in and check on our neighbor to see if she had her baby yet. We found her playing the Wii in the front room and handing out candy to the kids. We hope that with her bowling last night it will help her go into labor soon.


Stockwells said...

Adam and Nikki,
Just letting you know we added you to our ohh so boring blog. We need pics so so bad. The last time we had family pics was 2 years ago. We were wondering if you had a digital cam and would maybe take some pics of our family one day.. We would greatly appreciate it..
The Stockwells

Annie Carie said...

LOL Nikki what a hillarious costume!!