Friday, December 5, 2008

Magic in the Air

Yesterday was a normal day with a magic twist. As I was driving into work there was a light snow falling. I had expected there to be more snow when I had woke up that morning. But through out the day I would head to the windows and peek out and watch the light snow falling. It snowed all day but the snow falling was so light and fluffy. When it came to going home, the sun was almost set and the wind was blowing and the snow was still falling. As I am walking out to my car I notice a twinkle here and there on the ground. I begin to look at the snow filled parking lot, then the trees and cars which are covered in a white blanket of snow. Everywhere I look I see twinkling. It is as if the snow is magical. This precious white blanket has thousands of tiny gems in it. I thought to myself how beautiful it was and enjoyed the rest of the walk to my car. As I pull out of the parking lot, onto the road my radio is turned to Christmas music and the song that is playing. “let it snow” I have to laugh to myself because it was so appropriate to be listening to a song about snow when it is snowing outside. The commute home was long and slow and as I am driving at 30MPH I am pondering many thoughts from the day, and from the week. The excitement from an email we received on Monday to our weekend plans. The drive into my neighborhood was nice and quiet, the roads where snow packed and you could hear the crunching of the snow as the tires drove on the street. As I walked in the back door I am greeted as I am every day by Roxie who is so excited to see me and wags her tail with excitement I lean down to give her a pet and tell her hello and I missed her too.

This gave me a memory from last year at this time. When my sister and her boys were living with us, I would come home from work anxious to get home because I had a house full of people. The boys usually were sitting at the bar eating an afternoon snack or working on homework. Foster would be in his highchair eating his snack or crawling around on the floor chasing the dogs. This one day I came home and as I come through the back door like I do everyday I am greeted by Roxie and lean down and pat her, said hello and she ran away. I walk a few steps and Lizzy came up. I leaned down and pet her, said hello and she ran away. Then I walk a few steps, I am greeted by Foster who has just crawled over to me and I lean down and pat him on the head, said hello and he happily crawls away. I continue to enter the room to take off my coat and put down my stuff. While I am doing this my sister Chris is standing there watching this whole thing and bust out laughing. She says to me. “Hey don’t treat Foster like a dog” I looked at her with a puzzled gaze, I didn’t even realize what I had done. We both start to laugh and the whole experience.

It was the best experience to have her and the thress boys come and live with us. We were unsure if it would all work, but all I have is wonderful memories and the opportunity to really build a relationship with my nephews. Oliver will not know us as well as he was still in mommies tummy at the time, but with the relationship I have with the other boys they will let him know that Uncle Adam and Aunt Nikki are ok. I can’t wait to meet Oliver in person. But for now we have Skype and that is how I am able to keep up with the boys.

I know I have been sharing a lot of memories lately, but "it’s all good'. Life is about making memories. Each thing we do will become a memory and then over time you find that those memories that may have been hard or those memories that were so joyous become the best ones ever, because they help you find strength in the future.

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Rachel said...

I agree that yesterday's snow was perfect. I love it when you can see each individual flake. It was COLD though. Fun blog.