Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day of Cookies and Games

It was so nice to have 4 days off from work and stay home. Saturday I decided it was time to kick off the Christmas season and make sugar cookies. Mostly because I wanted to eat a few, and then that means we need to take them to people we know to get them out of the house before I eat them all gone. So that afternoon that is what we did. We made trees and stars. After we got them cut out and baked we decided to go and play a little Warcraft on the computer. This is something we have not done for a long time together. I remember when we were first married we would spend our Saturdays playing Starcraft. There was this one time I remember when we lived in North Carolina. We were renting this awesome farm house and it had an attic that we housed our computers in. We woke up not getting dressed and ran upstairs in the attic and played. We played for like 10 hours. We didn’t even realize the time had passed and what got us to thinking about the time was our stomachs were growling. So we called and order a pizza and continued to play into the night. It was the best game ever! We were so silly and I miss those days, but every so often we find a few hours that we can go back and get lost in the wonderful world of alienation. What we have learned from our gaming experiences it is best we are on the same team. There are hard feelings when we play against each other. LOL to keep our marriage healthy and our feelings from being hurt we work together to conquer the enemies that we play.

So after our game we went back downstairs and Adam began to make up the colors of frosting. Somehow our red turned out more like a pink and our green looked mintier in color. But who cares it still tastes good. So Adam frosted the cookies and I wanted to add more detail to the trees and stars and put frosting in a plastic baggie snipped of the corner and piped out frosting to add details to our cookies. With all the colors on the cookies and the sprinkles each cookie looked like a master piece. Then we decided on a few families we knew who would enjoy eating them. I think that is the fun part of the cookie making is the delivering of goods part. I enjoy seeing the reaction you get when you knock on a door and they open it up and find you standing there with a plate of cookies. We get invited in and have a sweet conversation at the doorstep. And then we leave each house with a little kick in our step anxious to get to the next house to bring them a little yummy treat. One of the houses we decided to give them a poinsettia instead because we knew they had a special diet and they invited us to hang out with them for the evening. So we finished our rounds stopped and picked up a movie at the Red Box. (love getting a movie for a $1) and heading back where the Sushi had already arrived and we ate sushi and watched this really weird movie. I still don’t get it? Oh well, it was about the company and I got to hold the baby so that was the best part.

I love this time of year. It brings out the best in people and I find we are so much more open with sharing our feeling about the love of our Savior. There is something magical about this time of year. I felt it as a child and the feeling has never subsided. I hope that the children who come into our home will be able to experience the magic that this time of year brings.


Anonymous said...

Those cookies were so good! Thank you!

Annie Carie said...

LOL I love the story about Starcraft! Jaon and I like gaming too I didn't play starcraft as much as he did but we used to play guild wars together and civilization. Fun times :)