Sunday, February 15, 2009

He Went to Jared's!

This day started out pretty good. We were able to sleep in and take a relaxing morning in. We decided to head to Mimi's for breakfast and found a huge rush there. We put our names in finding out that the wait would be 30 mins. With that I suggested we go next door to Jared and take a look. So that is what we did. We looked around the store and then decided to head back to the restaurant to see where we were on the list. As it turns out they called our name and we didn't answer so they moved on. We told the girl to add our name back to the list and we went and sat down and waited. About 30 mins again Adam goes up to talk to the girl and she said he never put our name on the list the 2nd time. At this point we were already waiting an hour for a table and realized we didn't have time to stay and eat. Adam had to get home to get ready for an appointment he had with the Stake. So we rushed home. Adam grabs something out of the fridge and I decided to make some eggs and pancakes for my breakfast which was noon at the time. With that said, I had a full tummy and didn't feel like going out so I went and took a nap on my big red couch. When I woke up I felt refreshed and decided to do my grocery shopping. I headed to the store with a list in hand. I was shocked how busy it was. The seafood area was crazy. I stood in line for 15 mins waiting my turn to get shrimp. I picked up the rest of my items and headed back home. I got the car unloaded and was waiting for Adam to come home from his appointment. When he arrived we talked about our option for the night, to go out to dinner and a movie, ot to stay home and make dinner with some items I picked up to make a nice dinner at hom. So after some debate about going out into the craziness of the night, we both pitched in and made a dinner at home.

I call it my Sexy Night Dinner. We ate asparagus, come on, when cooked properly this is a very sexy food. You can eat it with your fingers and feed eat other. We had Cheese Fondue. Another very sexy food. You dip bread into a wonder of cheese and it is a very interactive meal and fun to feed each other as well. Then we had Shrimp. Once again a sexy food item. You eat with your finger and suck. You know when you can bring attention to your mouth, it's all good! Like I said Sexy Night Dinner.

Before Dinner Adam showered me with a few gifts that he picked up on his way home from his appointment. I love that he knows me so well and listens to the hints here and there. He gave me a box of Godiva Truffles. Oh baby you can't go wrong with Godiva. I am a chocoholic as well, I know my chocolate. But the goodness didn't end there. I have always wanted to say this. "HE WENT TO JARED'S, he went to jared’s? YES HE WENT TO JARED'S." Adam gave me a beautiful pair of Diamond Stud earrings. My first pair ever. I love them and wearing them as I right this. Which that, of course I had to jump him and give him a huge hug and kiss. Thank you my sweetheart for spoiling me today. I love you with all my young girl heart!

Yes, I do think V-day is a cheesy day, but if you can feel spoiled at least one day in the year go for the chance.


Laura said...

Good going Adam!!!!

Marion in Colorado said...

I love your sexy comments!!