Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Retract Sexy Comments for T & E

In hornor of my nephews Talbert and Ethan who reminded me that all ages read the blog.

I received an email today from my nephews who live in Germany. See their comments below.

Dear Aunt Nikki,

Your blog really grossed us out. All that (whispered) "sexy" food is really bad for kids to read.

Talbert: "You may be good on food, but you're blog grosssed us out w/all the sexy talk"

Love Talbert and Ethan

I realized today that I wil really try to keep my comments from "PG13" to "G" rating. Talbert and Ethan, thanks so much for keeping your Aunt Nikki on her toes.

Love your guts!


Annie Carie said...

LOL!! that's wonderful that they had guts to tell you and straiten you out!

The Birch Family said...

Heehee! I love reading your s*xy blog!

Rachel said...

Don't you love how kids will totally put you in your place.