Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Love V-Day, or Not to Love V-day that is the question?

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. For many years it was one of those days that you felt like if you didn’t have that some one special in your life you were all alone. But then almost 9 years ago the day changed for me. It was the day that Adam proposed to me. He did it in a very special way, and because of that it has changed from a day about commercial love to a day that changed my life forever. It started out as a normal day. When I got home from work I got ready for a date with a guy that I knew I had fallen in love with. I was curious as to what our date would be. I never thought he would have taken that night to propose to me. Seriously, how cheesy can you get, a thousand other couples doing the same thing? Adam showed up at my place with two dozen red roses in his hand, a teddy bear, balloons and chocolates. He was loaded down with all this stuff on my doorstep. What a surprise to find so many treats for me. I was a little overwhelmed with all the stuff. It was as if he didn’t know what to get so he just got it all. Then he took me to this beautiful restaurant in downtown SLC. We had a table next to a large window that overlooked the temple. I am not sure if he planned the view or not. But as we sat there eating our dinner I could see this handsome man sitting in front of me with the temple as his back drop. When dinner was over we were waiting for our desert to come to the table. He seemed so calm and like nothing was planned. Our server brings a plate to the table holding a red heart shape container. In the container I found it full of red M&N’s (my favorite) and a fortune cookie inside. Adam encouraged me to open the cookie. I broke open the cookie and found a note that read “Answer what your heart desires” at that moment a ring fell out of the cookie and I found Adam down on one knee next to me asking me if I would marry him. He could not have planed it better. You know what my answer was, since we are coming up soon on our 9 years of marriage. So February 14th will have a special place in my heart. Even though I still think it is a cheesy commercial holiday. We like to go out for dinner and it has to be Italian food, because our first date was Italian food and that date was the one that I had butterfly’s and I like to remember the butterfly’s I felt with him. I don’t like to get roses for Valentine ’s Day. I think they are over priced and have no smell. I like to receive roses any other time of the year when they have a beautiful aroma to them. I love chocolates and you can’t go wrong with just a sample box of Godiva, and of course jewelry is always a hit with me. I love anything that sparkles. I am a girl and love her bling!. None of that is important, their just things, what is important is remembering those you love and make the effort on that day to tell them you love them and appreciate them in your life. If you can do it with a little sparkle then “it’s all good”.

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The Birch Family said...

What a great Valentines story! Adam is such a romantic! Lucky girl!