Friday, June 19, 2009

Friends make Life better!

What would I do without friends this week. It was a busy week, but a social week with that. I will be the first to admit, I am coming out of my hermit stage. I am blossoming once again like the roses in my garden. I am finding who I am again and wanting to have that energy and peace in my life. I have found the fire in me this week to move forward, set goals and enjoy the summer. I still wake up taking it one day at a time, but I seem to get through each day. I am amazed with each day that passes.

Monday night we were greeted with a container full of chewy chocolate brownies, a bribe actually. Well it worked we are packing up and going camping tonight. Then another person stopped in that night, who always has a welcoming smile on his face and full of life in his heart. He picked up an item that I wanted out of the house for a while and I am glad to pass the cupboard on to him. This week was full phone tag and conversations with loss friends. Another night while I was sitting on my new comfy couches the door bell rang and there was my walking buddy ready to go. It was all I needed to see the friendly face and the little push to get my butt off the comfy couch and put on my walking shoes to head out the door with her and her stroller. I felt rejuvenated when I got back and happy for the talk we had. The next night was a fun night out, no cooking, just good friends and Chili’s. I love this couple. They are so much fun. Ephraim has a smile that just lights up any room. He smiles and immediately you are put to ease. His wife Kaile has the kindest heart, one of those kindred spirits. Rachael their daughter is one of the cutest girls I have ever met. Every time I see her, I am amazed how beautiful she is. I love her eyes! I think about all the people that I know in my life, those who I wave at passing because we are so busy and don’t stop, those that we have short moments with and shed a tear when we talk about our trials, those who take the moment to share an idea in hopes it will help you. Those who just show up out of the blue and bring you cheer.

This post is to remember all the friends, the ones we miss who live far away, to those we see with a smile each week at church, to those we get together with, and to those who we just keep missing because of life’s busy schedules.

Friends are what make life better!


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Annie Carie said...

So true.

dynomitegirl said...

Missing you and thinking of you often, maybe you should think of a road trip? Utah isn't as hot as usual.

Cam and Chelle said...

Love you! Miss you!