Thursday, June 25, 2009

Front Yard (side actually) bunny :-)

This morning while getting ready to leave for work I saw a little bunny rabbit! Cute, you say? Well, yes it was cute. However after I took the picture and turned around he was gone? I think he slid underneath the fence to go after our garden? Probably after the lettuce and yummy fruits that we're growing :-)

It is nice to have wildlife flora and fauna here though.

(It might be a little like "Where's Waldo" trying to see the bunny, as he blends in nicely with the rocks).

*Where's the bunny? See the top of rocks, where the house meets the gravel about 1/2 way? Look really hard and you'll see him.

1 comment:

dynomitegirl said...

I think there should be a prize for finding the bunny, but I found him and have to agree, very cute.