Monday, June 29, 2009

The mind of Ethan.....gotta to love it!

I miss both my sister’s kids. Being that they live far away, I wonder if they will forget us as they get older. I wonder if they will remember the fun stuff we have done together. I wonder what they will remember about us as they get older.
I just love the mind of my nephew Ethan. My sister emailed this over to me today, it made my whole day.

“This will do your heart good. Ethan has his best friend, Leo over tonight for a sleepover. Leo says to me "Miss Chris, you're a really nice mom & you're a really cool mom." I say thank you.

Then Ethan pipes up . . . wait for it . . . . wait for it . . . you know it's coming . . .
Ethan says and I quote

"You think that now, but that's because you haven't met my Aunt Nikki. She's awesome & really, super nice. She's so nice that she makes you PANCAKES??? with Strawberries AND blueberries?" Leo says "wow!" & Ethan continues to rub it in "yeah! & she never gets mad or makes you go to bed or anything like that, & my Uncle Adam is a Starcraft genius! Going to their house is like going on vacation. She's SO nice!"

Leo was very impressed.”


Piper said...

SOOO sweet! Always great to hear comments like that!

dynomitegirl said...

I need a nephew like that, on second thought I need an Aunt like that...will you make me pancakes if I come to has been a dang hard day, an I really need some pancakes!

The Carlson Crew said...

I agree with Ethan.

Anonymous said...

You guys are super awesome! I'm sure glad that I know you.

Diana said...

awwww...that's adorable! :)